Reports & Analytics

Understand which parts of your hotel need improvements by using reports available in stackRooms. These built-in analytics will help you keep an eye on data to make the right decisions.

Cancelled reservations

Simply list cancelled reservations. Ideal if your customer change his mind!

Occupancy rate

Use the heat map to quickly highlight your occupancy rate over the desired period.

Revenue Report

Month by month, check the status of your revenues.

Rooms popularity

Do you know which room is the most booked on a given period? With this report, you'll know it!

Reservations by sources

How did your clients book in your hotel? From your website,, directly at the reception of your hotel ...?

Invoice Report

List the invoices issued from the system and check their status.

Reservations by segmentation

Find out why your customers have booked at your hotel. Is it more for business or for tourist purpose?

Average Daily Rate

Measure simply the average price paid per room for a given period.

Popularity of companies

Find out which company brings you the most customers.

Nationality of the clientele

My clients are international! Yes, but from which countries do they come exactly?

Global report

Smart report on the current state of your hotel.

Payment Report

Quickly list all payments received over the chosen period.

Revenue Per Available Room

Measure the average daily room revenue generated by available room.

Client popularity

Which of your customers is you most loyal? View it whatever the period selected.

Need a particular feature?

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